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Beef Curry

Simple enough to execute, Asian curries like this one are just great comfort food. I’ve come across beef and potato curry recipes like this one in many Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc restaurants and they all share a certain commonality that distinguishes them from the heavy ghee and coconut milk curries of India. This recipe from …

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Pekinese Duck

One of the national treasures of China, Pekinese Duck is often attributed to Beijing in northern China although it actually originated in Nanjing which is about halfway between Hong Kong and Beijing, near Shanghai on the eastern coast. Duck is such a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine that I knew I had to feature at …

Chinese The Chinese Cook Book

Beef with Broccoli

The evolution of how Western broccoli infiltrated itself into Chinese-American cuisine as a replacement for ‘Gai Lan’ or Chinese broccoli is a well regarded example of how early Chinese cooks adapted traditional Cantonese dishes with the ingredients on hand in the West. Considering the unabashed abundance of rare, specialized ingredients used throughout Wallace Yee Hong’s …