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Poland Polish Cookery

Chocolate Walnut Torte

Possibly my favorite recipe in Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa’s entire book, Polish Cookery¬†(or¬†Uniwersalna Ksiazka Kucharska), this unassuming recipe humbly listed as “Unbaked Chocolate Torte” is a knock out in chocolate decadence. It consists of three well defined layers: a crust made from butter, sugar and grated chocolate, a filling of sweetened ground walnuts, and finally topped with …

Poland Polish Cookery

Almond Torte

Originally from Iran, almonds have been a part of the European diet for hundreds of years. So, it’s not surprising that we see almond and various other nut based desserts flourish in the pages of old European cookbooks. Polish Cookery (or Uniwersalna Ksiazka Kucharska) by Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa is no exception. This simple and yet elegant …

Senor Pico Tex-Mex Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook

Baked Bananas with Rum Sauce a Tropical Dessert from the Senor Pico Tex-Mex Restaurant circa 1960s

To a certain extent, a baked banana is a baked banana. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of minute variations on this classic tropical dessert. The key here with this vintage recipe from Victor Bergeron’s Senor Pico restaurant is the chilled Rum Souffle Sauce. Airy, creamy, not too sweet, with just that underlining hint …