Poland Polish Cookery

Lamb Bigos

The most famous dish in Poland is bigos (or Hunter’s Stew), a traditional recipe which may contain at times a daunting cornucopia of various meats. This simplified version from Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa’s Polish Cookery fares quite nicely for itself with just lamb and sausage. I would say you could substitute just about any left over roast meat you have instead of the lamb and you’d still be doing just fine.


2 cups diced roasted lamb
3-4 cups sauerkraut
1 onion, minced
2 strips of bacon
1/4 lb diced Kielbasa or Polish sausage


1. Saute bacon in a large pan. Add onions and brown slightly.
2. Add sauerkraut, heat thoroughly and then add lamb and sausage.
3. Season with salt and pepper.