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Introducing: Grog Log | 1998

Given the current popularity of Tiki-dom dans la nouvelle vague of today’s cocktail Renaissance, it is easy to forget (or even be completely unaware) of just how close we came to losing this vast repertoire of mixological innovation. The combination of fiercely guarded recipes by aging Tiki bartenders along with the decades of decline in the Polynesian-Pop phenomenon meant that the there was actually a very small window of opportunity before these alchemical grimoires found their way in to a trash bin. Enter Beachbum Berry. Generally hailed as the ‘Indiana Jones’ of cocktails, Jeff Berry set out to collect and preserve these cocktail recipes from the brink of oblivion and thank god he did. Separating fact from fiction, his seminal works Grog Log and Intoxica! are the Holy Bible of Tiki cocktails, collecting for the first time an authentic, well-researched macro-lens portrait of this fascinating mixological grotto. In 2009, he reprinted these two books in a revised, expanded collection entitled Beachbum Berry Remixed. It’s not even a question. If you are a fan of mid-century Americana, get this book. Here now are my top 10 favorites from the Grog Log:

  1. Beachcomber’s Gold (Waikiki Version)
  2. Eastern Sour
  3. Carioca Hawaiian Cocktail
  4. Honolulu Cocktail
  5. Never Say Die
  6. Beachcomber’s Punch
  7. Fogg Cutter (Bali Hai at the Beach Version)
  8. Colonel Beach’s Plantation Punch
  9. Mai Tai (Trader Vic)
  10. Painkiller