Cocktails Intoxica! Introducing Tiki

Introducing: Intoxica! | 2003

Beachbum Berry’s 2003 follow up to his 1998 debut the Grog Log, Intoxica! probes even more obscure depths of Tiki era of cocktail craft. Once more, I tried to feature a nice balance of cocktails that utilize a diversity of different alcohols, not just rum! Here you’ll find my Top 10 favorite cocktails from Beachbum Berry’s Tiki retrospective Intoxica! that prove Tiki drinks can be made with any booze you happen to have on hand. Whether that be gin (Oahu Gin Sling), vodka (Blue Hawaii), tequila (Yellow Boxer), or, yes, of course, rum. In my review of Berry’s Grog Log, Donn Beach reigned supreme as barman extraordinaire with cocktail’s like Beachcomber’s Gold, Beachcomber’s Punch, and Colonel Beach’s Plantation Punch. Here however, we find a more diverse collection of creators ranging from Playboy Magazine’s Thomas Mario to Mickey Mouse (who I can only imagine is the mastermind behind the Lei Lani Volcano). Donn does have one significant contribution to this list: the Zombie. Although, not in its original form. After having sampled each of the six Zombie variants featured in Intoxica! I tended to lean towards Donn’s own updated version for the now defunct Aku Aku restaurant in Las Vegas. As always, these are only a small selection from a mighty plethora of amazing beverages and I encourage you all to go out and buy all of Jeff Berry’s superlative works on the subject.

  1. Oahu Gin Sling
  2. Jungle Bird
  3. Tradewinds
  4. Lei Lani Volcano
  5. Blue Hawaii (1980s Version)
  6. Zombie (Aku Aku Version)
  7. Yellow Boxer
  8. Planter’s Rum Punch
  9. Mr. Bali Hai
  10. Steve’s Rum Barrel