What is Gourmet Plunder, you ask? Before I answer, I might ask a few questions myself. What is angelica? What are mustard fruits? What is Escoffier sauce and how do you make it? What was Luchow’s restaurant? What was Gage and Tollner’s? These are the questions I found myself asking after my girlfriend gifted me a copy of Mary and Vincent Prices A Treasury of Great Recipes, setting me off down a path of seemingly endless culinary adventure.

And so, what is Gourmet Plunder?  Perhaps, I should start off by telling you what it’s not: it’s not fast, it’s not easy, and it’s not healthy. Simply put, it is a food blog about vintage recipes and their origins. It is born out of an appreciation that food is more than just fuel and has qualities that are more mercurial than the sliding scale of either function or decadence are able to dictate. Food tells a story. Food has a history as well as a legacy to pass on. Food is able to capture peoples imagination and excite their curiosity beyond the simple act of eating. I have seen it time and time again.

Who am I? My name is Devon Gallant and I am a poet. I held off launching Gourmet Plunder for years (despite the many urgings of my friends and family) because I didn’t want to sully my persona as a ‘serious’ writer. And then I realized that by doing so, I wasn’t honouring the memory of one of my hero’s, Vincent Price. Vincent Price didn’t let fame or his persona as a Hollywood actor stop him from exploring his many interests in life, including cooking. Now, looking back on his life, it is these extra-curricular interests that give such amazing depth to his character. Gourmet Plunder is for him, and for you, and for me. Let’s have some fun.