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Beef with Broccoli

The evolution of how Western broccoli infiltrated itself into Chinese-American cuisine as a replacement for ‘Gai Lan’ or Chinese broccoli is a well regarded example of how early Chinese cooks adapted traditional Cantonese dishes with the ingredients on hand in the West. Considering the unabashed abundance of rare, specialized ingredients used throughout Wallace Yee Hong’s …

Chinese The Chinese Cook Book

Sweet and Sour Pork

Listed in Wallace Yee Hong’s The Chinese Cook Book (1952) as “Tiem-Shoon Gee-Yoke” I believe the more phonetically correct spelling lists this recipe as “Tiem Shuen Gee Yok.” ‘Sweet and Sour Pork,’ as we call it in the West, is a traditional Cantonese dish that is still massively popular in Chinese-American restaurants to this day.